The Benefits of Keeping Your Drains Clean | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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The Benefits of Keeping Your Drains Clean | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Your drains and your home will benefit by regular drain cleaning.

You had a pretty good day of fishing at Fort Island Gulf Beach. Of course, a good day fishing means a smelly, messy job of cleaning fish. While most of the fish cleaning job can be done outside, you still need to rinse things off once you get into the kitchen. And that’s where your problem began because now you have a funny smell coming out of your kitchen drain. (Well, you already had a kind of funky odor coming out of the sink, the fish just made it worse.)

It sounds as if your drains need a good cleaning. You might not have a clog – yet – but it sounds as if some food particles might be stuck somewhere in your plumbing system. A good cleaning should take care of the matter.

Drain cleaning is not generally high on the list of maintenance chores for many homeowners. That might be because homeowners assume that running the water does and adequate job. But that’s not always true. But a regular drain cleaning will do the trick.

Kitchen Sink magazine says there are at least four benefits to having your drains professionally cleaned: A clean, safe home; reduction in clogs; reduction in overall home maintenance costs; and fresh air.

“When you own a home, you need to make sure it is safe and clean. Cleaning drains is one of the home maintenance duties that you cannot afford to ignore and in doing so you are able to reduce home maintenance expenses. When you have your drains cleaned, it is possible to ask a technician to examine your sewer lines and have damages repaired before the situation becomes more serious and costly,” according to Kitchen Sink.

Kitchen Sink adds, “This is important because some drainage pipes in your home are metallic and rust after some time. There could be leaking, old drainage pipes that have been damaged by tree roots on your property that you may even be unaware of. A professional can only examine your drains and fix faulty ones if they are clean and this is cheaper than having the whole drainage system replaced.”

If you don’t know of a trusted plumbing pro who can clean and check your drains, it’s time to check out the plumbing pros at Billy the Sunshine Plumber. 

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