No Bones About It | Garbage Disposal Clogs

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No Bones About It | Garbage Disposal Clogs

Although some manufacturers say it’s safe to put small bones down your garbage disposal, doing so can increase the possibility of a clog.

You’re planning to go to the Bayport Pier this weekend to see the completed reconstruction. You want to make a day of it, so you’re straightening up the house before you go so you won’t have it waiting for you when you return. Right now, you’re staring at a small pile of chicken wing bones. You’ve always been told not to put bones down your garbage disposal, but you recently got a new one and the manufacturer says putting small bones in the disposal is okay. 

You’re not sure what to do.

Yes, the manufacturer says you can. But, many plumbers say it’s not a good idea. explains: “The problem really comes down to the damage that bones can do to the garbage disposal. The blades or shredder ring can break down softer food particles, but with something as hard as bone, the damage can mean a reduced lifespan of a useful kitchen appliance.

“You also can run into the possibility that any grease left on the chicken bones could congeal in the pipes below the garbage disposal. This grease can cause a backup in the pipe, which may require a licensed plumber to clear.”

So, don’t put the bones down the garbage disposal. Put them in the trash, or, if you compost, put them on the compost heap.

But if you do end up with a clogged garbage disposal and you need help, call Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

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