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No Pressure | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

When your water pressure suddenly drops, you could have a plumbing problem.

You were in the middle of a cool shower after getting back from a kayaking trip on the Bayport-Linda Pedersen Paddling Trail when there was a sudden drop in the water pressure. Your shower water slowed to a trickle and never came back to full strength.

The problem, according to, could be in your plumbing system or in the municipal or county system that supplies water to your home. If it’s in the system, you can’t do much about it except calling the city or county to report it. But, if the low water pressure is caused by a glitch in your system, it can be fixed.

You should first check to see if it’s just that one tap that’s giving you low pressure or if it’s room-wide or house-wide. 

If it’s that one tap, says, it’s likely a problem with your plumbing fixture. Try taking off the aerator and cleaning it. That generally fixes the problem. If it doesn’t and your faucet is old, then it’s likely you have a piece of lime scale that’s broken off and is blocking the water flow. You can find out by taking the faucet apart.

If the problem is larger and affects an entire room or the whole house, then you likely have an issue with your plumbing.

“Chances are you have galvanized steel pipes, and these corrode with time, gradually restricting water flow,” says. “At some point, a piece of rust may have broken off and gotten lodged in a particularly narrow part of the pipe, and that’s what caused your sudden loss of pressure. You’ll need a plumber to correct this problem.”

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