Old Pipes | Repiping

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Old Pipes | Repiping

When you decide to repipe your home to upgrade the plumbing system, it’s time to call the repiping experts at Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

One of the big issues the past few years in St. Petersburg and other areas around Tampa Bay is the condition of municipal and public water and sewer systems. Not only do the systems’ capacities need upgrading, in some places, the pipes are old and need replacing. The news has you wondering whether the pipes in your home need upgrading.

If you live in an older home, they could well need upgrading and replacement. Your best bet is to have an expert take a look because some pipes can look okay from the outside when they’re not okay, according to pro.homeadvisor.com.

“Many cast-iron drain systems are on their last legs, but because cast iron comes in varying grades, its deteriorated condition may not be obvious. Cast iron rots from the inside out, so it may look okay but actually have very thin walls that could fail at any time,” pro.homeadvisor.com says. “Copper supply lines can also fool you. In some areas of the country, mineral deposits from hard water will cause copper lines to corrode from the inside out, much like cast iron and galvanized pipe. This is especially true if thin-wall (type-M) copper tubing was used.”

When you need a Tampa Bay plumbing pro to check your home’s plumbing system, look no further than Billy the Sunshine Plumber. Billy Sunshine has been in business since 1924 so he knows all about Tampa Bay plumbing issues. Billy Sunshine has your back 24/7/365 in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is here for you.

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