Plumbing Back-up: Beware the Fatberg

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Plumbing Back-up: Beware the Fatberg

In a typical household, items get dumped in sinks and flushed in toilets several times every day.

For the most part, the process works as it should and the items disappear. But every once in a while, the stuff doesn’t disappear and backs up. If you’re lucky, it only backs up into the sink, bath, or toilet. If you’re not, then it overflows into the bath or kitchen. explains what happens when you flush things you shouldn’t.

EXIT: oil, food scraps, or so-called flushable wipes. ENTER: the Fatberg.

A fatberg is typically made out of fat, oil, and grease—which do not break down in the sewer system—combined with other things that shouldn’t have been flushed, like sanitary products and personal wipes. The fat, oil, and grease harden and stick all these non-biodegradable objects together, causing an immovable clog: a fatberg.” And, yes, while fatbergs are notorious for plaguing public sewer systems, they also form in homeowners’ pipes.

The same goes for condo pipes and business pipes.

Your best bet to avoid a fatberg is to keep from dumping or flushing things that should not be put into the water system – things like personal wipes and fats, oils, and grease. It doesn’t matter if the personal wipes are marked flushable, they are not.

But things happen! Things that shouldn’t, get tossed and flushed. If that happens and you get a clog, it’s time to call Billy the Sunshine Plumber for help.

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