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Trees Love Sewer Lines | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Roots can work their way into cracks and other openings in your sewer lines and eventually cause blockages that will have sewage backing up into your home.

You spent part of the weekend at Fort de Soto Park with a friend. Most of the time you were listening to her tale of woe concerning her plumbing. She had to replace a sewer line in her yard after it became blocked with a tree root and collapsed. Her experience has you wondering about your plumbing.

American Home Shield notes that trees love sewer lines. A tree sees them as a nutrient-rich source of water. Tree roots seek cracks, breaks, and loose joints in pipes. The small root hairs can work their way into the pipe through those small (or large) openings and can eventually grow into a big ball of roots that completely block the pipe and cause blockages or even sewage backups in your home.

“Tree roots,” says, “are the number one cause of underground pipe damage.”

So how do you know if you have a tree root problem? Well, the best way to tell is to have a plumber perform a camera inspection of your pipes. But, if you’re hesitant to do that, there are certain other signs, such as recurring clogs and slow drains throughout the house that never seem to get better. You can also listen for a gurgle, says.

“When your sewer pipes first start to clog, you may notice a gurgling sound in the toilet. You may have slow drains you clear out again and again, but the clog keeps coming back,” according to “You may notice that the toilet gurgle and slow drains occur in conjunction with water backing up in the bathtub or around your washing machine. These are all warning signs that there could be a ‘root meets pipe’ conflict going on underground.”

If you do have recurring clogs and/or hear that gurgling sound, it’s time to call a trusted plumber like Billy the Sunshine Plumber. 

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