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Wading in the Tub | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

Billy the Sunshine Plumber can help when your tub won’t drain or drains slowly.

You got up early this morning to go scalloping before the day got too hot. You were lucky at getting your bag limit fairly quickly. But you were less lucky when you got home, took a shower and discovered that you were ankle-deep in water because your tub just isn’t draining.

“‘Slow draining’ means that the water stays in the tub for far longer than it should after you have pulled the plug. The water either takes longer than it should to disappear or, in more serious cases, it remains indefinitely. The problem can develop gradually and may not be immediately noticeable. It’s common for people to disregard the issue until it has become too serious to ignore,” dengarden.com says.

Dengarden.com points out many reasons for a tub drain to clog and become slow or impassable. Among them are hair, dirt, an ill-fitting stopper, mineral buildup, or tree roots that have invaded one or more of the pipes deep in your home’s plumbing system. Unfortunately, even soap can contribute to a slow drain.

“Traditional soap bars are made with grease or fat,”dengarden.com explains. “The fat combines with minerals in water and leaves a hard residue that clogs pipes. Soap can also combine with hair and dirt.”

Dengarden.com adds a warning: “Unfortunately, once the drainage problems have begun, they will usually only get worse unless action is taken. This is because clogs tend to gather and accumulate more debris (such as hair, dirt, and soap) over time and become bigger and more firmly fixed. The sooner that you deal with the problem, the easier it will be to resolve.”

Many times you can relieve the problem fairly easily by using a plunger, or taking the drain apart so you can clear out the dirt and hair. But, if the clog comes back or you can’t get it fixed yourself, then it’s time to call a trusted 24-hour Tampa Bay plumber like Billy the Sunshine Plumber.

Billy the Sunshine Plumber has been the Tampa Bay 24-hour plumber of choice since 1924 when he first opened for business. Billy the Sunshine Plumber is open 24/7/365 in Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties. Days, nights, weekends, or holidays, Billy the Sunshine Plumber is always here for you. 

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