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Watch What You Flush | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

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Most of us in the Tampa Bay area are under government advice – or orders – to stay at home where it’s safer. Many governments are also warning folks to be careful of their plumbing. More to the point, they’re warning homeowners what NOT to flush – basically, the rule is, do NOT flush anything other than toilet paper.

As a video from Pinellas Park explains, one of the main concerns is so-called flushable wipes. They cause a problem at any time but, with the current shortage of toilet paper, they’re being used more and more as a substitute.

“Every day, we have over 10 to 12 lift stations that the pumps get gummed up with the wipes,” Will Herbert, Pinellas Park’s public utilities supervisor, says. “There are a lot of products advertised as flushable, but please do not use these.”

Actually, you can use them, just don’t flush them – toss them in the trash instead. If you do flush them, there’s no guarantee they’ll make it as far as the city or county sewer system. There’s a high likelihood they’ll gum up your toilet or your pipes and then you’ll have a real mess on your hands.

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