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When the Toilet Paper Is Gone | Billy the Sunshine Plumber

When the toilet paper is gone and you have to use a substitute, toss it in the trash not in the toilet.

There’s a cute video on the USA Today website showing an adorable puppy stealing the toilet paper from his owner who – well – who needs it right then. While that’s probably not the first time that’s happened, it’s also likely not usual that the family pet steals the toilet paper just when it’s most needed. More usual is running out of toilet paper when it’s needed.

The lack of toilet paper leaves you hunting for a substitute whether it’s a disinfectant wipe, a baby wipe, a facial tissue or something else.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing until it comes time to dispose of the substitute. Whatever you do, do NOT toss it in the toilet. Even if the packaging says “flushable.” The problem is that wipes, tissues and the like are not made to disintegrate in water the way toilet tissue is. So what you end up with is a clog that can tie up your system, or even the city or county system. No, it’s not likely to happen if you only flush the non-flushable once, but you never know what else is lurking in your sewer system that it could get caught on and cause a clog. Besides, it’s not good to get into the habit of tossing anything other than toilet paper in the toilet.

So, toss that un-flushable in the trash and toss the whole mess in the trash on your way to the Rotary Centennial Dog Park for a romp with your canine buddy.

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